Inspections & Surveys

Drones are fast becoming the go-to tool of the trade in this sector due to their reliability & safety, Hi-Res 4k imaging capabilities, and their minimal draw on resources.

With Drone Inspections, there is no longer the need for multiple personnel on site, nor the conventional high lift devices such as scaffolding, platforms, steeplejacks or cherry picker. This takes care of the regulations surrounding HSE – “Working at Height” health & safety protocols.

Drones can be easily and quickly deployed, whilst also manoeuvred and guided effortlessly across large expanses of hard-to-reach elevated areas capturing high quality data, specific to the mission at hand.

Furthermore, it is possible to have live feeds of the recorded imaging relayed directly to yourselves or a 3rd Party, meaning you need not leave your location to make instant analysis or direct further inspection.

We also provide a discounted scoping service, designed to give quick-access ‘Eyes-on’ images to assess the need for or to plan further investigation. This can be especially useful following storm activity or suspected fire damage.

Get in in touch today to find out if Drone Inspection is something that could be of use to you or your business.

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